How to reinstall os on mac mini

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It will download the OS the machine was first sold with. Can you go into more detail on "Recovery" - does it 'magically' get an OS from the web or is there a secret recovery partition? Boy Oct 17 '14 at On a fully installed system, there's a hidden partition, on a new drive it will use the magic of the interwebz to fetch the OS.

Step One: Boot From Recovery Mode, or an Installer

Anyways, now that you have your High Sierra backup plan, you can process. After the reboot, your Mac will require setting up like a new one. Could take a while but remember, it was worth it. Once the initial process is done, you can start stocking up on software. To reinstall the apps from Setapp, go to setapp. It makes sense to only install those applications you need right now.

Other apps can be downloaded later. When it's ready, it's going to launch automatically.

How to clean install macOS Mojave 10.14

You will need to quit it at this point, we're not running it this way. Find the Mojave installer in your Applications folder and launch it. To do it, click Show All Disks and find the needed volume on the list. Finish the installation by simply following the instructions.

Your OS is now ready, time to set it up. When you have the system ready, you can start filling it with applications.

If you never installed macOS Sierra 10.12.4

Saves time and money and covers hundreds of daily Mac tasks. How to clean install macOS Mojave Behold, the day has come!

How to Erase and Factory Reset your Mac!

Dark mode is finally here. Automatic desktop cleaning. Gallery View in Finder for more convenient work. Or maybe and we get you you just want that freshly-bought Mac experience again. To complete the clean install procedure, you'll need: If you plan to clean install macOS on a non-startup drive, you don't need it Go for a system cleanup and backup your data - this will allow you to easily return your Mac to the condition it was in before you installed macOS And an hour or two to spare.

Here's a list of Macs that can run the Mojave: Clean up your Mac Time to remove every junk-looking thing you can find — old movies and media files, apps you never use, cache and system trash, duplicate files that you accidentally copied a few times. Create a bootable macOS Mojave installer Notice: Download new macOS from the App Store.

Make Your Mac Feel Like New Again With a Fresh Install of OS X

The installer will remain in your Applications folder. It will need to be at least 8GB in size. Give the USB stick a name then click Erase.

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Launch Terminal either by searching for it in Spotlight or navigating to the Utilities folder in Applications. You probably remember the only difference with clean installing High Sierra is changing the name of the app. Click the Apple menu and click System Preferences. Click Bluetooth. Hover the mouse pointer over the device s you want to unpair.

An " x " button appears when you do; click it to unpair the device. After you perform these steps, you'll need a wired USB keyboard and mouse to use the Mini. Restart your Mac Mini and hold down the Command-R keys while it's booting back up. This opens the desktop with a macOS Utilities window in the middle. If you see any other screen — like a login screen or your usual desktop — that means you didn't hold down Command-R soon enough or long enough.

Try again. When the Utilities window appears. Click Disk Utility in the Utilities window. Select Macintosh HD and click Erase to erase the data on your hard drive. Choose Quit Disk Utility when you see the erase success message. Follow the prompts to choose a language and accept the license agreement. When the operating system is reinstalled, your hard drive is clean and ready to be used again.

how to reinstall os on mac mini How to reinstall os on mac mini
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how to reinstall os on mac mini How to reinstall os on mac mini

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